Greenhouse in the Winter

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Visiting a Hospital in the Autumn

Lavender in a Box from California

“I met a really neat garden writer at another GWA (Garden Writer’s Association)  event, a regional meeting in Cincinnati this past May. Her gardening blog/online newsletter,, offers a unique perspective of how healing and healthy gardening can be for our bodies and soul. I told Peggy her writing style and theory are so parallel to the recent best-selling book (and hit movie) that maybe her blog should be retitled, “Eat, Pray, Love, Garden.”

The other day I was visiting Peggy’s blog,“The Garden as Muse.” In her Entry 38 posted on July 12, Peggy wrote about attending the OFA Short Course in Columbus, Ohio, and hearing marketing consultant Holly Buchanan talk on “Marketing to Women in the 21st Century.” She chose to attend this talk because, as she understands it, 80 percent of the customers who buy plants and garden supplies are women. The main thing I took away from her OFA post was a reminder that women are our biggest target demographic. The funny thing is, the majority of Master Gardeners and garden writers as well are … you guessed it! Women. Just one more reason we need to know these groups better.

You know, they say the best advertising is word of mouth. I believe that in today’s world we, as growers, garden centers and landscapers, must consider marketing avenues we haven’t in the past. We have an out-of-the box opportunity with garden writers and Master Gardeners to help tell our story, help educate and mentor and in return have a direct conduit to the end consumer. Perhaps we can learn a few things ourselves and be inspired by the energy and excitement of these garden lovers.”

Maria Zampini, Oct. 2010 American Nurseryman Magazine