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Welcome to my reflections about the garden. It is the garden working on me, as I work on the garden. It is the subconscious and the spiritual life coming together, and helping me grow. So the garden without helps me create the garden within. If you’d like to comment, please do so on Facebook--- where these blogs are also published. Love to hear from you!

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Watch a Movie on

Join Bill Creasy at the Cincinnati Nature Center to learn about wildflowers.

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Attend the Cincinnati Flower Show

April 15 -19 at Yeatman’s Cove on the Ohio River

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Civic Garden Center of

Greater Cincinnati’s

Annual Plant Sale

May 2 & 3

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Dr. Allan Armitage has developed a new mobile gardening app; Armitage’s Greatest Perennials and Annuals.

Call the Hotline at the Civic Garden Center of Greater Cincinnati if you have gardening questions--- a collaborative effort along with Ohio State University Extension office:


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